Benefits of using high quality stainless steel wire rope lubricants

1. high quality lubricating oil with good mobility and good penetration, stainless steel wire rope lubrication pretreatment can quickly penetrate the string and rope, and to prevent bacteria breeding in their core fiber effect.
2. the adhesion quality lubricating oil on stainless steel wire rope is not easily erased, lubricating effect within the specified range of temperature will not be affected. In addition, the adhesion performance Lube skid, which helped stainless steel wire rope for elevator traction.
3. has a high film strength, able to resist touching under extremely heavy loads of high pressure between the stainless steel wire, but also resistance to decomposition, deterioration.
4. high quality lube oil with higher cohesive force, to avoid oil dripping, not centrifugal swing lost during exercise, avoiding grease waste and pollution to other devices.
5. high quality stainless steel wire rope caused by lubricating oil does not contain corrosion, rusting components, corrosion prevention, corrosion prevention is better.
6. its ability to repair itself, and stainless steel wire rope continued to be bent, will keep the oil film on its surface extrusion expansion. This requires gentle and high burnished film to protect the rope from breaking.