Stainless steel wire rope clip installation to be aware of the contents of

1. Chuck to fit the thickness of the stainless steel wire rope, net from inside a u-shaped rings larger than stainless steel wire rope diameter 1~3mm, net margin is too difficult to clamp the rope.

2. when it is used to tighten the u-bolts, stainless steel wire rope is compressed until around 1/3. Due to wire rope in the force will deform, rope, wire rope loading to second after tightened in order to guarantee reliable. Check stainless steel wire rope after rope in loading slide Chuck, Chuck for additional security. Security installation from the last card of the card about 500mm, head restraints safely out of bends and then with the main rope clamp, such as clamp sliding security bent will be straightened, so that you can find and timely reinforcement.

3. Chuck arranges for stainless steel wire rope diameter between about 6~7 times, line cards to a CIS arrangement, should be part of a u-shaped loop in rope end side, one side of the plate on the main rope.

4. number and layout method: card number not less than 3-5, Chuck should be less than the spacing of stainless steel wire rope 6 times, last clip from rope end distance ≥ 140mm depending on the quantity according to the diameter of the steel wire rope clip, 10MM, 3, 10-20mm, 4, 21-26mm, 5, 25-36mm, 6, 36-40mm, 7.

5. stainless steel wire rope clip loading loose first check should be done after the installation. Under normal circumstances, nuts need to tighten further.