Stainless steel wire rope core functions of different applications different

1. stainless steel wire rope for elevator
During the application process in order to be able to play a role in resistance to shock loads, stainless steel wire rope using fiber core is required to ensure that in the process of applying to. Often promotions would sometimes use independent wire rope core stainless steel wire rope, steel core, to obtain the same diameter maximum breaking load.

2. stainless steel wire rope for passenger ropeway
Stainless steel rope wire rope using the need for experienced support, cable wheels and transverse loads imposed by the hoist, if no solid wire rope cores, strands will be kneading each other once the strands began to touch and wear between units will soon make stainless steel wire ropes and broken tired set aside in advance.

In stainless steel wire rope through the drive wheels and the roundabout when the wheels turn, rope core rope radial elasticity of supply support unit to ensure that the layout is not damaged because of the twists and turns of the strands. When cable started, and tight parking, stainless steel wire rope the wire rope has a degree of elasticity and strands to absorb a lot of energy.