Stainless steel wire rope cutting tools how to choose

Thick stainless steel wire ropes special wire rope hydraulic scissors cutting machine cutting, can usually be cut 6mm-30mm the diameter of the wire rope, as well as electric grinding wheel cutting machine-cutting line, the cuts relatively flat, but where there is no power supply, only use stainless steel wire rope shears and cutting machine for wire rope. Use scissors to stainless steel wire rope, you can cut a share a share. 30mm large diameter stainless steel wire ropes generally refers to gas welding and cutting. Filament diameter stainless steel wire rope of 30mm 1.4mm, the strength of the stainless steel wire at 1670 strength above, and common hydraulic scissors cut with scissors the fixed, it can only be used for gas welding.

Small diameter stainless steel wire rope is rope scissors. Scissors and wire rope steel scissors are different, steel scissors blade is straight, and wire rope shears cut is circular. As stainless steel wire rope is twisted together, so you must wrap a rope with a circular-arc blade, straight blade shears (steel scissors) wire rope to slide out blade, scissors and wire rope cable scissors the same principle, but scissors wire rope thicker than cable scissors, greater power. We can't replace wire rope with cable scissors scissors.