Stainless steel wire rope industries problem

1. in the stainless steel wire industry in both industrial chain link, or an enterprise level of equipment, processing grade, still at the low end, low level positions. Especially on stainless steel wire rope products, most companies as a simple rough, uneven quality, difficult to form brand and low added value, was in a dominant position in market competition, less likely to have markets say.

2. stainless steel wire rope enterprises is simple imitation, vicious competition, lack of cooperation by criticism. Did not form a reasonable division of labour and highlight the industry's structure, homogeneity is serious.

3. stainless steel wire ropes high industrial pollution control requirements and power consumption. In accordance with the existing processing capacity and processing costs, to this town of about more than 400,000 tons of the original landfill aged sludge all over, needed more than two years, ultra-billion cost. It can be said that growth-for-environment approach to development has come to an end.

4. most stainless steel wire rope management level cannot meet the needs of enterprise development, extensive management to a large extent restricted the stainless steel wire rope enterprises for further growth, especially in the current era, management efficiency is exacerbated management difficulties.