Stainless Steel Rigging Design And Health

Stainless steel rigging design and health, customer long-term use of rigging process will always encounter some problems, and even accidents, Stainless Steel Rigging so how to correctly select and use stainless steel rigging and sling is very important, we provide customers with a few suggestions:

1. The manufacture of stainless steel rigging must be standardized.

2. To strengthen the use of stainless steel sling safety management, to do special management, dedicated use, fixed-point storage, regular inspection, Stainless Steel Rigging timely scrap, and do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance of sling.

3. Strengthen the safety training to the stainless steel sling personnel, strengthen the staff to the safety propaganda and education, but also emphasize the enhancement of the safety technical quality. Require the user to master the basic safety technical knowledge of stainless steel rigging, Stainless Steel Rigging familiar with the basic performance or use requirements of stainless steel rigging, to understand the calculation of the center of gravity and the amount of the sling in different use environments, to master the Safety inspection method and scrap standard of the sling. Only by mastering these basic safety knowledge, Stainless Steel Rigging and using it rationally in practice, can we ensure the proper use of stainless steel rigging to ensure the safety of hoisting and lifting.

In the hoisting process, how should we effectively avoid the accident?

1. The branches of the sling shall be symmetrical and uniformly distributed in design, with the same vertical angle. Multiple combinations of slings cannot exceed the maximum angle of the vertical direction.

2. The sling must be properly positioned and connected in a safe manner, Stainless Steel Rigging and the sling shall be fitted on the load so that the load can be balanced to the width of the sling.

3. Sling to strengthen protection, away from sharp edges, friction and wear.

4. In order to avoid a dangerous accident, the load can not be tilted or slipped from the sling, so that the load balance and stability should be maintained.

Stainless steel Rigging If 304 of the root is not magnetic, and only 400 of the material is magnetic. Because it's ferrite.

300 system belongs to the body of the austenite. Stainless Steel Rigging Also note that the chain without magnetic board does not represent 304, Stainless Steel Rigging because now there are 201, 202 of this material.

201, 202 materials in accordance with international standard nickel content should be 2 nickel and 4 nickel. But the domestic is not the same. 201 have several levels of nickel, such as 0.3 nickel 0.8 nickel and 1 nickel. 304 of the content is 8 nickel. You can buy some potions. Stainless Steel Rigging To buy 8 nickel. You can also do the spectrometer.