How Qualified And Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings Shall Measure

With the advancement of age, the demand for a high quality of life, stainless steel is used more and more, but rookie stainless steel pipe fittings of stainless steel industry is a tremendous power to play in the construction sector. Many people know that using stainless steel tube stainless steel pipe pressure value as a measure of the quality of one of the most important criteria, but then again, how many people know what is this number?
Internationally qualified pipe pressure rating standard for stainless steel: 150 PSI, is 150 pounds.
150 lbs (PSI) = 1.03425 MPA (MPa) = 10.545 kg/cm 2 (kg/cm2) =10.335 bar (bar)
After can be selected according to the numerical quality of stainless steel pipe fittings