Modernization Of High-quality Special Steel For Continuous Process Optimization

1. modernization of high-quality special steel for continuous process optimization. Concentration of special steel enterprise in China with the merger and reorganization of enterprises and modernization of special steel process reengineering to improve further. Special steel main process will gradually develop according to varietal characteristics tend to be specialized, is a large-scale, continuous operation, and long process of the comprehensive advantages of cost, quality and scale; the second is with more and less bulk, and high alloyed, complex process characterized by complex processes. Online quality control of special steel manufacturing process will be the continued optimization of the main content, high-quality special steel extension should be more committed to the process of development (key material), material needs will drive the development of special steel manufacturing.
2. high-quality special steel processing technology of continuous innovation. This includes: high purity chemical metallurgy and precision control of chemical technology, uniformity of solidification process control technology, high-quality special steel rolling (forging) technology, will pave the finishing heat-treatment technology research, online detection technology and enterprises to build an integrated production model line, promote the overall progress of steel technology.