Non-tilt Hanging Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Tilt hanging stainless steel wire ropes may be super loads, for example if you want to lift weight of Q objects from the ground, the vertical lifting, stainless steel wire rope tension as long as it is s Q or slightly greater than Q, weight will be able to leave the ground. But if you stayed, stainless steel wire rope and the ground vertical line into an angle. In accordance with the principles of mechanics, stainless steel tension on the wire rope s, things can be divided into vertical force p and a horizontal force f, to make hanging objects off the ground, if p Q. Also increases the angle f. In other words, when hanging the slant angle larger stainless steel wire rope of greater force. If full vertical lifting a weight load, and that tilt hanging doomed Super loads, even cause stainless steel wire rope is pulled off the danger.