Pay Attention To Adjust The Stainless Steel Wire Rope And Wheel Groove Contacts

Stainless steel wire rope is the best contact with the Groove pulley, Groove to 33% of the circle to support the stainless steel wire rope, given the circumstances, they can perfectly. Note also is that the pulley surface hardness of the material should be kept consistent with the hardness of the surface of the stainless steel wire rope, it will help reduce the use of wear. In addition, the stainless steel wire rope Groove geometry should comply with the relevant requirements. Opening angle at 45 ° ~55 °, to slot within a RADIUS control in 0.525~0.55d.

Using Groove and stainless steel wire rope during constant friction, wear after long term use will inevitably occur. Therefore, it's stainless steel wire rope and rope on a regular basis trough, check the working condition of the rope pulley, once found severe wear, can no longer meet safety when used, must be replaced in a timely manner.