Stainless Steel Rigging Safe And Reliable

Precision stainless steel pipe safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, economic application, the thin wall of the pipeline and a new reliable, Stainless Steel Rigging simple and convenient way to successfully develop the connection method to make it more irreplaceable advantages of other pipes in the construction of the application will be more The more prospective, the prospects are good.

With the construction of urban residential, public buildings and tourist facilities in China, the new requirements for hot water supply and domestic water supply have been put forward. Stainless Steel Rigging In particular, people pay more and more attention to water quality problems, requirements are also rising. Today, the commonly used pipe galvanized pipe because of its corrosive, under the influence of national policies, will gradually withdraw from the stage of history. In the construction of water supply system, Stainless Steel Rigging a variety of new plastic pipe and composite pipe is also a lack of varying degrees, far from being fully adapted to the needs of the water supply system and the state of drinking water and water quality requirements.

In this context, the stainless steel pipe is more superior, especially the wall thickness of only 0.6mm ~ 1.2mm thin-walled stainless steel pipe has been proved at home and abroad engineering practice is the best performance of the new water supply system, energy saving and environment-friendly One of the pipe, is also a very competitive water pipe. Stainless steel pipe in the quality of drinking water systems, hot water systems, as well as safety, health first in the water supply system are used, with a safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, Stainless Steel Rigging economic and other characteristics. Therefore, the construction of water supply pipe will eventually return to the era of metal pipe. Moreover, according to the experience of foreign applications, Stainless Steel Rigging in the metal tube identified thin-walled stainless steel pipe for the best performance of one of the best pipe.

Stainless steel wire rope generally refers to the use of stainless steel wire twisted from the wire rope, the material is commonly used austenitic stainless steel, Stainless Steel Rigging that is, 304,316,316 L and so on.

Austenitic - ferritic duplex stainless steel wire rope in China 's research and development has made a breakthrough, showing the growing demand for the situation. Stainless steel wire rope in addition to the special application of the transmission equipment, but also in the field of China's construction of single or double cable structure curtain wall structure and decorative structure has been applied and growing faster. In this area, Stainless Steel Rigging most of the use of single-strand stainless steel wire rope, all kinds of barrier with 12mm below the 7 × 7 structure of stainless steel wire rope. Recently, the domestic stainless steel wire rope manufacturers have received the structure or specifications from the GB / T9944-2002 "stainless steel wire rope" standard outside the 35W × 7-7.50mm, 7 × 7 × 19-8.0mm, 1 × 61- 38mm, 6 × 36SW + IWR-50.8mm and 6 × K36SW + IWR-22, 24mm wire rope orders, Stainless Steel Rigging showing a stainless steel wire rope structure, specifications toward the direction of diversification.

In recent years, environmental protection with stainless steel wire mesh in the field of construction and decoration applications more and more widely, including roads, Stainless Steel Rigging parking lots, square and large hotels around the hotel partition, staircase handrails and so on. Its application practice fully shows the environmental protection decorative stainless steel wire rope with excellent material properties. Stainless steel wire mesh with a lightweight, high strength, good flexibility, impact resistance, Stainless Steel Rigging breaking tension, Stainless Steel Rigging the overall structure of durable, handsome in appearance, long life and other advantages. Fence for the highway is a flexible fence, not only beautiful, generous,Stainless Steel Rigging better than the color steel tile manufacturing rigid rails, but also can withstand, cushion all kinds of car collision, reduce the degree of damage to the accident.