Stainless Steel Wire Rope Development Potential Of The Species

Stainless Steel Wire Rope In the market how to find the development potential of varieties, how to open up the market of the blue sea? For stainless steel products, the replacement of water system, green decoration market potential, etc., will give thin-walled stainless steel pipe, austenitic-ferritic type duplex stainless steel wire rope and other products to bring greater demand space.

Precision stainless steel pipe safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, economic application, thin-walled pipeline and the new reliable, Stainless Steel Wire Rope simple and convenient connection method development success, so that it has more other advantages of the pipe can not be replaced, in the construction of the application will be more and more, its prospects.

Stainless steel wire Rope generally refers to the use of stainless steel wire twist made of wire rope, its material is commonly used austenitic stainless steel, that is 304, 316, 316L and so on.

The research and development of austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel Wire rope has made a breakthrough in our country, showing the trend of increasing demand. Besides concentrating on the transmission mechanism of special equipment, stainless steel wire rope has been applied and increased rapidly in the structure and decorative structure of single-layer or double-layer cable-wall structure in China's construction field. In this field, most of the use of single strand stainless steel wire rope, all kinds of guardrail using 12mm below the 7x7 structure of stainless steel wire rope. Recently, the domestic stainless steel wire rope production enterprises have received the structure or specifications of the Gb T9944 "stainless steel wire Rope" outside the standard of 35w X7180 and 22, 24mm wire rope orders, showing the stainless steel wire rope structure, specifications towards the diversification of the trend of development.

In recent years, environmental protection with stainless steel wire rope network in the field of construction and decorative applications more and more widely, including roads, parking, the square and large hotels around the partition, stair handrails and so on. Its application practice fully shows the excellent material properties of stainless steel wire ropes for environmental protection. Stainless Steel Wire Rope network has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, good softness, impact resistance, breaking tensile force, solid and durable structure, beautiful appearance and long service life. For the highway guardrail is a flexible guardrail, not only beautiful, generous, the function is superior to the color steel tile manufacturing rigid Guardrail, but also can withstand, Stainless Steel Wire Rope buffer all kinds of car collision, reduce the damage of the accident degree.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope network is also widely used in zoos, marine parks and other similar environment of animal cages, bird nets, animal fencing and landscaping and construction, as well as sports, acrobatics, home decoration, building decoration, security protection and other fields. Stainless Steel wire Rope network to stainless steel wire rope extension products in the form of development, Stainless Steel Wire Rope has been more and more industries favored.

The stainless steel Wire rope uses unceasingly expands, the variety quantity unceasingly increases, including: The electrified railroad catenary compensation uses the stainless steel wire rope, the blast furnace cloth use stainless steel wire rope, the aero engine nozzle feedback cable, space vehicle recycling cabin hanging sling with full charger stainless steel wire rope, brand-name car landing gear with stainless steel wire rope, high-strength anti-corrosion Automotive sling with flexible stainless steel wire rope, Stainless Steel Wire Rope car cover with stainless steel wire rope, manned spacecraft space docking machine dedicated stainless steel wire rope, Stainless steel wire Rope for marine lifeboat, stainless steel wire for high-speed railway (stainless steel rope sling), etc.

In the use of stainless steel wire ropes In some special equipment, when the mechanical properties are not the main index and the corrosion resistance is relatively high, such as in the marine environment, a wire rope with 904L austenitic stainless steel wire twist is used. In the 304, 316, 316L and other commonly used austenitic stainless steel, China is eager to develop the use of other austenitic and austenitic-ferritic shape duplex stainless steel wire rope new varieties to meet the needs of different fields.