Stainless Steel Wire Rope S Reason

The correct use of stainless steel wire rope is to ensure that the life of the important guarantee, Stainless Steel Wire Rope and in the practical application process, Stainless Steel Wire Rope due to the carelessness of the operator, there is no standard operation caused by the use of wire rope fatigue, resulting in a certain security risk. Here, Chuang Yi for everyone to sum up the next two reasons.

The first is bending fatigue, stainless steel wire rope repeatedly through Stainless Steel Wire Rope the pulley or reel scratching, numerous bending, Stainless Steel Wire Rope easy to make steel wire fatigue, toughness decreased, eventually leading to broken wire. And fatigue broken wire appears in the most severe bending of the outer wire. Normally, the appearance of fatigue broken wire means that the stainless steel wire rope is already close to the late use. The results show that the bending fatigue life of the stainless steel wire rope is closely related to the D / d ratio (ie, the ratio of the diameter D of the roll and the diameter of the wire rope), Stainless Steel Wire Rope the safety factor and the rope structure are closely related.

The second is tension, tension and vibration caused by fatigue, Stainless Steel Wire Rope stainless steel wire rope in the start and start of the brake, bundled wire rope before and after the load, the tensile stress will cause metal fatigue. In addition, stainless steel wire rope is often subject to distortion and vibration is also the cause of fatigue. The principle of fatigue damage is under the action of stress, the first fine steel wire surface due to a variety of slip to form the initial crack, Stainless Steel Wire Rope and then crack tip under the action of shear stress repeated plastic deformation, so that crack propagation until the fracture. Its fatigue caused by the broken wire generally flat, mostly in the surface of the wire, and very regular.

Transport: loading rope can be used to wear rope rope rope hole or steel pipe into the shaft hole, then the rope buckle sets at both ends of the pipe, is prohibited from the high directly rolling down, Stainless Steel Wire Rope you must use the transition springboard slowly slide down Or with a crane hanging, the ground handling, if you need to pry carry, do not directly pry the surface of the rope, so as not to cause the surface of the rope crushing long-distance transport need to cover the cover, Stainless Steel Wire Rope to prevent the impact of rain caused by corrosion.

 Daily storage: stainless steel wire rope storage, Stainless Steel Wire Rope should be placed in a ventilated and dry room, to prevent direct sunlight and hot air baking; such as must be on the outside, should be placed on the higher ground, covered with rain cover. Stainless Steel Wire Rope Place the ground above the general height of 300mm or more.

And as a hoisting wire rope, if the hanging objects to stay in the air, you can not use one-way around the wire rope, because the wire rope has its own tendency to loose and reverse, Stainless Steel Wire Rope it will make objects in the air rotation,

 Used as cable rope rope, Stainless Steel Wire Rope it is only used for tension, can choose one-way around the wire rope; bear the impact of the load wire rope, the best choice of metal wire rope, because it is better impact performance.