Stainless Steel Wire Rope Service Life

Production Process. Stainless steel wire rope is made of a number of stainless steel wire twist finished product, stainless steel wire and twist the quality of the process determines the quality of stainless steel wire rope. The stainless steel wire is usually hot rolled from the high-quality steel ingot into a smaller diameter disk circle, Stainless Steel Wire Rope and then after repeated cold drawn from the diameter of stainless steel wire. If the quality of stainless steel wire and twisting process can not be guaranteed, Stainless Steel Wire Rope it is necessary to reduce the service life of stainless steel wire rope. Therefore, the stainless steel wire rope in the production process must first ensure that the quality of stainless steel wire and twist the process, so basically to ensure the quality of stainless steel wire rope to extend the life of stainless steel wire rope.

Wear. Wear is divided into external wear and internal wear. External wear is mainly in the course of the use of stainless steel wire rope and the rope floor and other objects caused by surface contact, so the actual work should be on the regular stainless steel wire rope down to avoid Unilateral wear situation, as far as possible to make the whole stainless steel wire rope wear. Wear the stainless steel wire rope diameter narrow, breaking load reduced. Internal wear is mainly stainless steel wire rope through the reel or pulley when the load is mainly pressed on the side of the stainless steel wire rope, and because of the bending of stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope between the various steel wire between the force, Between the shares and the increase in the force between the shares, so that the internal wear and tear of stainless steel wire rope, when the frequent work of the concentration of force, so that internal broken wire. Wear greatly reduced the life of Senyuan stainless steel wire rope.

Broken wire. Stainless steel wire rope broken wire is divided into the use of broken wire and the use of broken wire, so "coal mine safety regulations" provides stainless steel wire rope in the suspension before and in the use of monofilament performance testing. In use, because the stainless steel wire rope repeated in the sheave or reel around the winding, numerous bending, easy to make steel wire fatigue, Stainless Steel Wire Rope toughness decreased, and ultimately lead to broken wire. The non-product quality factors caused by the broken rope accidents and the promotion of work there is a different degree of relationship. The broken wire caused by fatigue generally appears on the outer side of the wire with the most severe curvature of the strands. Bending fatigue broken wire will increase as the load increases and the bending angle decreases.

Stainless steel wire rope life is still very secure. In addition, pay more attention to the use of norms and routine maintenance, so that stainless steel wire as much as possible wear and broken wire, so as to extend its life as much as possible. In the daily inspection, the elasticity of stainless steel wire rope is more difficult to find, such as the inspectors have any doubts, you should consult the views of the relevant professionals.

The development of stainless steel wire rope production technology should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, to further develop new, good product structure, Stainless Steel Wire Rope development and promotion of existing varieties, structure, and gradually out of those backward, irrational structural varieties;

2, the extensive use of international standards and international advanced standards;

3, to further improve the quality of stainless steel wire rope performance, and gradually realize the high strength of stainless steel wire rope, high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue, not loose, do not rotate and other excellent performance, give full play to its efficient economic steel characteristics;

4, to strengthen the coating, coating, cord, Stainless Steel Wire Rope grease, packaging and other materials and technology research work, and efforts to promote the application;

5, improve and improve the production equipment, improve the degree of automation and mechanization, the establishment of new operational control procedures. So that the production equipment can not only meet the structure, variety, twist quality, safe operation needs, but also to ensure efficient production;

6, to further develop new areas of stainless steel wire rope applications, Stainless Steel Wire Rope from the macro to adjust the production and demand of stainless steel wire rope structure, improve social benefits;

7, to strengthen the management of the process, save energy, reduce consumption and enhance economic efficiency;

8, to strengthen environmental protection measures to reduce noise and eliminate pollution.