Stainless Steel Wire Ropes For Cranes Replacement Guide

1. replacement of the stainless steel wire rope must be used when the original design of the type, diameter, nominal tensile strength, and certificate of wire rope. If only the same diameter, but other requirements below requirements, the life of steel wire rope has to be affected.

2. from the reel or spare wire spool stainless steel wire rope, to prevent his ring, kink, bend or sticky stuff on. Truncated stainless steel wire rope should be in off position on both sides using a fine wire tie firmly to prevent cut loose strands.

3. at the time of replacement or a wrapped stainless steel wire rope, pay attention not to let the rope tying, practice has proved that the playing of the stainless steel wire rope, knotted in the use of the most worn and broken wires. Lifting of the prohibition to connect two pieces of stainless steel wire rope.