Stainless Steel Wire Ropes Used For Drilling Needs Changing

As the oil industry technology advances, efficient operation of drilling and production gradually increased, many oil wells have all reflect core stainless steel wire rope in the use of life expectancy was shorter than in the past, has been unable to meet the requirements of today.

Meanwhile, hemp core also occurred on the use of stainless steel wire rope, stainless steel wire rope is the Chief use of structural damage and wear broken wires. Enhanced impact load, speed increases well, bending radius to narrow circumstances, core stainless steel wire rope has been difficult to deal with. At this time, stainless steel wire ropes with steel core started to go into the oil drilling areas, gradually replaced Ma cored stainless steel wire rope, used in the past.

In the case of structural, stainless steel wire ropes with steel core metal density fiber core increase compared to 17%, breaking force grew under strength, able to meet the safety requirements. Because of the stainless steel wire ropes with steel core resistance to radial pressure higher, in drilling and production in the field of use is not easy in the wound occurs during flattening, deformation. Due to the elongation of small, stainless-steel wire ropes with steel core force due to elongation and cause less friction between the rope, their average lifespan is about 1.2~1.3 times the fiber core stainless steel wire rope.