Stainless Steel Chuck

Stainless Steel Chuck
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Product Introduction

This Stainless Steel Chuck is a cylindrical clamp used to mount a milling machine, which also can be a fixture for fixing the parts that need to be modified. In addition, it can be an ideal item as control the movement of the machine, such as the valve spring in the internal combustion engine, the control spring in the clutch and so on. Compared with ordinary chuck on the market, this stainless steel chuck is equipped with the advantage that the radial runout is only half of the C-type collet, which greatly improves the precision guarantee of the product during the processing. 


Stainless Steel Chuck uses traditional manual lock clamp, which greatly offers convenience to users. This chuck is lightweight in structure, fast in acceleration and high in concentricity. It is more suitable for small parts and work pieces with the same diameter and three claws. It can be widely used as a force measuring component, such as a force detector, a spring in a spring balance. The ratio of the load to deformation of the spring is called the spring stiffness. The greater the stiffness, the harder the spring. 

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Our company has the advanced production facility such as JUNG form, grinding machine and ELB high precision surface grinding machine of Germany, MOORE jig grinding machine of USA, internal and external grinding machine and thread grinding machine of Switzerland, and OKUMA machining center and TSUGAMI numerical control machine of Japan.



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