Stainless Steel Quick Mount

Stainless Steel Quick Mount
Product Details

Product Introduction

Stainless Steel Quick Mount is equipped with hose coil quick release connector and 3/4" Adapter. It also is designed with 1/2" NPT female inlet and 3/4" GHT male hose adaptor. This product provides the perfect installation solution for your hose coil washdown and garden style hose. It also can be easily installed on your boat which allows you to stow your hose out of the way, well preventing you from tripping on a hose again.


Stainless Steel Quick Mount has unique design which allows you to flush mount the quick release into your cockpit or bulkhead. It is light in weight, solid in structure and it has good durability, able to withstand a long time of use. It features the use of surface protection measures, which is beneficial to weaken or block the damage caused by the frictional force.



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