Stainless Steel Shackle

Stainless Steel Shackle
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Product Introduction

Stainless Steel Shackle is designed for linking two components, and it consequently plays an essential role in terms of safety. It is available with different type as D, Dee, Bow, Long, Wide, Twisted shackles in a wide range of sizes and variations. Also, it used high quality well-polished 316 grade stainless steel with excellent resistance to corrosion.


Stainless Steel Shackle is lightweight in structure, fast in acceleration and high in concentricity. It features the use of surface protection measures, which is beneficial to weaken or block the damage caused by the frictional force. It surface itself has good electrical insulation, which can effectively inhibit the formation of micro-batteries on the surface.


1. Bow shackles
Can take loads from different directions and are perfectly suited for rigging due to their geometric shape.

2. D shackles
Have a straight-legged shape that is optimized for two directions of pull, ideal for connecting pieces of gear together.

3. Twist shackles
Are perfect for when you need to rotate your load and don't want to use two connectors.



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