Stainless Steel Swivel

Stainless Steel Swivel
Product Details

Product Description:

This Stainless Steel Swivel comes with high performance stainless steel and carbon steel, which has longer service life for use. In addition, it is also known as the butterfly buckle, which can be widely used for connecting the chain of the chain rigging with the lifting ring and the hook. The rotating ring body is formed by one end of the one-bar rod, and the other end is bent and then wound around the straight section. The two rotating ring bodies can be placed in the opening of the two ends of the body by the convex large-embedded part. On the other hand, it is able to realize the horizontal weighing and folding effect by the roll folding and folding, thus achieving the rotation effect of improving the combined tensile strength and the flexibility.

Product Feature:

This stainless steel swivel can be an ideal item for domestic complete sets of lifting equipment manufacturing and electronic crane scale manufacturers. It is equipped with proper size and compact design, and it plays an important role in metallurgy, steel, electric power, port and other industries. Any kind of special description and marks can be made according to people's need.



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