Galvanized Steel Cable

Galvanized Steel Cable
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Product Introduction

Galvanized Steel Cable features a low eccentricity and it has excellent fire retardant properties. It uses pure copper core, with low resistance and good conductivity, and pure oxygen-free copper has the characteristics of stable conductivity and long life. This cable uses a new and upgraded reinforced inner and outer double sheath layer, the inner sheath is insulated against overheating, and the outer sheath is waterproof and frostproof, sunlight resistant and anti-aging.

Product Information

1. Products include: steel cable, galvanized steel wire rope, steel wire
2. Galvanized steel cable for hanging: 1x7,1x19,1x37,6x7, 6 x 12, 6 x 15,(2mm-6mm)
3. Unglvanized or galvanized steel rope for elevator, crane, deep sea fishery purpose
Ungalvanized steel rope: 6 x 19, 6 x 24, 6 x 37, 6 x 19S, 6 x 19W, 6 x 24S, 6 x 24W, 6 x 37S, 6 x 36SW, 8 x 19S, 8 x 19W
4. No-rotating steel rope for port loaded and unloaded crane equipment: 19x7,17x7(12mm-38mm)
5. Stainless steel cable or rope, AISI 302,304,316.: 1x7,1x12,1x19,1x37,6x7,7x7,6x37,7x37,6x19(1.0mm-36mm)
6. Tensile Strength: 1570,1670,1770,1870MPa
7. Packing: Usually packing in 1000m, 2000m/wooden reel, 100m/coil, 300m, 500m/roll. We also follow a definite package as per customer's requirement.



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