Coated Steel Inners

Coated Steel Inners
Product Details

Product Description:

This Coated Steel Inners is equipped with advanced patented technology, and the phosphating film makes the steel wire surface more wear-resistant and improves its corrosion resistance. On the other hand, it can increase the grease in the rope. The storage of the steel wire surface reduces the friction factor to promote sliding, thus delaying the occurrence of fretting damage on the steel wire surface and inhibiting the initiation of fatigue microcracks.

Product Feature:

Coated Steel Inners features the use of surface protection measures, which is beneficial to weaken or block the damage caused by the frictional force when the steel wire slides relative to each other, thereby suppressing and delaying the occurrence of fretting damage on the steel wire surface. The film itself has good electrical insulation, which can effectively inhibit the formation of micro-batteries on the surface of the steel wire.



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